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FoodWorks Co. Ltd. believes that by partnering with other trusted companies we add value to our services (Note 1).  For this reason, FoodWorks Co.Ltd is affiliated with the FoodWorks Group as well as other enterprises worldwide. These partnerships allow us to focus on our core capabilities while supporting our work activities when necessary. We think business partnerships help in these particular areas:

  • Geography - while we have a strong presence in the Far East, we work with partners in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia


  • Monitoring & Evaluation - M&E and field survey work require a unique, specialized approach and we prefer to outsource this activity


  • Management  - we have the capacity to support management in direct agribusiness, however for specific issues such as accounting, audit, legal or strategic development we may call on partners


  • Donor agencies - FoodWorks is registered with the major development agencies. However in cases where the project requires geogrpahic qualifications (e.g., with USAID) we prefer to work with main or leading contractors who are pre-qualified


  • Life support - most projects require external life support aspects from housing and security to IT, communications, travel planning and logistics. We prefer to bring in a trusted specialist partner.




NOTE 1: FoodWorks Company Limited is an independent limited company. The designation "Project Partners" does not imply or assert any contractual or legal link or a legal partnership, support or ownership or other responsibility between FoodWorks Co. Ltd. and the mentioned companies.  The companies we link with are each independent of FoodWorks Co. Ltd. and of each other. Neither FoodWorks nor any of the companies are responsible for the work or activities or publications or reports of any other company named here nor persons employed by them. "Project Partners" simply asserts that we have reached informal and individual agreements to work together in combination when the occasion arises at which time that specific project will be covered by a formal contract. Equally by being named here, none of these companies assumes any responsibility for actions undertaken by FoodWorks or its staff, neither do these companies endorse FoodWorks or any company associated with it.

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