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Agland Investment Services (a subsidiary of Dexis Consulting Group) serves as a trusted advisor to government and corporate entities large and small seeking to enhance their work in the agricultural sector. Coordinating with a network of globally-based technical consultants, We offer actionable insights grounded in our clients’ specific country and regional contexts.



Community and Environmental Services Ltd is a consultancy firm based in Vientiane and has been registered and operating in Lao since 1998. CES Ltd provides consulting services and project management services in key areas such as community development, poverty reduction and alleviation, natural resource management, institutional strengthening, capacity building, water user organization, irrigated agricultural development, rural finance and credit, social mitigation, environmental impact assessment and policy development.

Contact: Anthony Bott, Managing Director,


Experience International (EI), registered in the USA and with a regional office in Bangkok, provides services in agriculture and rural sector growth and agro-enterprise development through producer organization, technology transfer, financial management, and value chain optimization. Supporting this sectoral capacity are strong information management capabilities: monitoring and evaluation, IT infrastructure, and GIS applications. For the private sector, EI performs feasibility studies and does the planning and implementation of commercial agricultural and agribusiness projects in the developing countries of the region.


Contact: Donald R. Mickelwait, Chairman and CEO, on

              Kathy Wei, Project Director, on

Based in Dubai, the Global Solutions Group (GSG) opens frontier markets, to deliver sustainable solutions in the world’s most challenging environments. Operating in developing countries, GSG’s life support, logistics aand security solutions are a 'one-stop" shop for project implementation and management..


Contact: William Jeeves, Managing Director, on

Precisely is a start-up company based in Thailand. in which FoodWorks is invested and is providing advisory support. The company's mission is to provide regional, cross-cultural market research and marketing services for Western and other foreign, but English-speaking, investors  in South-east Asia with a focus on Thailand and Myanmar. 

Contact: Seiya Apatsanunt Bastin, Founder and Managing Director, on

ShiftIN Partners is a strategy and innovation consultancy headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with associated offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Lisbon and Chicago. Its professionals have successfully led several consulting engagements worldwide, Partnering with customers in the Government, Utilities & Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and Telecommunications sectors.



Tractus, with offices in Bangkok, Shanghai, Pondicherry (India), Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Minneapolis and Seattle is a management consulting company focused on assisting foreign investors achieve success in Asia. Tractus' multi-cultural team is comprised of individuals with expertise in engineering, the sciences, financial and operational analysis, applied economics, and business with wide ranging experience operating profitable manufacturing and service businesses in Asia over the last two decades. 



Based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, UBI Consulting covers projects throughout Central Asia and numbers among its clients the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank (WB), TACIS (a program of the European Union in Eastern Europe and Central Asia), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). UBI's recent activities include transport, agriculture and water and sanitation.


Contact: Jamshid Ganiev, CEO, on

NOTE 1: The designation "Project Partners" does not imply or assert any contractual or legal link or legal partnership, support or ownership or other responsibility between FoodWorks and the mentioned companies.  The companies we lnk with  are each independent of FoodWorks and of each other. Neither FoodWorks nor any of the companies is responsible for the work or activities or publications or reports of any other company named here nor persons employed by them. "Project Partners" simply asserts that we have reached informal and individual agreements to work together in combination when the occasion arises at which time that specific project will be covered by a formal contract. Equally by being named here, none of these companies assumes any responsibility for actions undertaken by FoodWorks or its staff, neither do these companies endorse FoodWorks or any company associated with it.

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