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                                          is a British-owned consultancy specializing in agriculture, bioscience, horticulture, fisheries, livestock and agribusiness projects in low-income countries, mainly but not exclusively, in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


Formed in 2003, and incorporated in Hong Kong as FoodWorks Company Limited we act as an expert technical and business support group within a company specializing in innovative food systems design and engineering, we retain a philosophy directed at adding value to farm, fishery and livestock produce via engineering, bioscience, technology and sound investments in business. 

In 2018 we affiliated with other like-minded, but independent, companies as the                                           . The Group is an informal (non-juridical) entity and operates solely for marketing and trade purposes on an ad hoc basis. Note 1


"Agricultural output is raw material; it does not become valuable until brought to market either as clean, safe, fresh, quality produce, or as processed manufactured products; adding value to primary products requires careful project design, responsible investment and professional management"




To provide the best senior-level and professional expert support for investors, international funding institutions and project managers, flexibly and at the most competitive cost.




To be the preferred service provider for highly qualified bioscience, agronomic and technical support and management for agribusiness and rural-based industry.




  • Focus on the commercial aspects of agriculture and agribusiness investment within a framework of the most innovative technical advances and best practices


  • Work with clients in the private and public sectors and support public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements


  • Develop our business in regions in which we are highly experienced, specifically Sub-Saharan and East Africa, The Middle East and Central Asia and the Far East and Pacific


  • Conduct our activities according to the Equator Principles and emphasize social and environmental safeguards especially related to vulnerable groups




                   is managed by senior industry professionals each of whom has more than 30 years work experience.  We each take personal charge of a project; it is NOT delegated to inexperienced desk officers. In addition, we each have our own portfolio of projects so we are actively and currently engaged in the business of agribusiness.


We maintain a core group of senior associate experts each of whom is known to us on a personal basis, and each of whom brings with them a unique discipline. Our experts must as a minimum have 10 years field experience in their chosen area of expertise, though most have over 20  years.



Over the years we have developed strong corporate affiliations and business partnerships. These have evolved either to supplement our mainstream technical focus on agriculture and agribusiness or to strengthen our presence in key geographies.


Note 1: FoodWorks Group is not a juridical person. For specific projects, it may represent associated companies via FoodWorks Holding (UK) Ltd. - FWHUK. However, FWHUK has no direct management responsibility for any of the associated companies and contracts and related liabilities are held by those companies except where a contract says otherwise. In this case, FoodWorks Company Limited is fully and solely liable for its activities under the Law of Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region of the Peoples Republic of China.


















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