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From many years of geographic and subject-matter experience, FoodWorks has strong capabilities in the key areas of agricultural, fishery, livestock, agribusiness and rural development. We safeguard your investment.

Innovation, Investment and Impact

Business based on agriculture is the world's largest and most valuable industry (Forbes). The World Bank puts the food and agriculture sector at 10% of global gross domestic product - $48 trillion. The greatest impact for investment in this massive global industry is through rural industry. FoodWorks has the entire set of capabilities to guide investors for the greatest financial return and the most benefit to stakeholders.

Bio-Science and Ag-Technology

Bio-science is intrinsic to agriculture and throughout the food and beverage supply chain. Automated processes and "intelligent" systems (AI) combined with "big data" are having a major impact on labour use, productivity and the quality of produce. Food and bio-safety (including standards and traceability)  are becoming key issues in marketing. 

Sustainability and Safeguards

The production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products and industrial raw materials must use regenerative farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. FoodWorks has the capabilties needed to manage the biophysical, socio-political and techno-economic dimensions of agriculture and its sustainability, from the field to the global commodity markets. Check Policies

Climate Resilient and Smart Agribusiness


Inevitable changes in the world's climates affect global agriculture and food security. Farming systems need to become more resilient to drought, flood and wider temperatures, and agriculture-based businesses need to cope with changes in raw material supply. FoodWorks' specialists advise on all aspects of climate-related strategy and adjustment throughout the value chain.

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