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Senior Associates



  • Eliot Masters, African Agriculture

  • Roy Denton, Climate-smart Food Production Systems

  • Alfred Williams, Field Crops and Farming Systems


  • Chris Catto-Smith, Cold Chains and Temperature Management

  • Pradeep K. Patnaik, Public-Private Partnerships

  • Jim Quinn, Finance and Investment

  • Andrew Shepherd, Marketing and Economics

  • Matt Zimmerman, Agriculture and Agribusiness Development




  • Stephen R. Lindsay, Inland Aquaculture




  • Dr Bjorn Hammarberg,  Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Biosafety


Climate Change and the Environment


  • John A. Carter, Institutional Development, Governance, Environment, and Natural Resource Management 

  • William W. Fiebig, Climate-smart Agriculture

  • Dr. Andrew W. Harvey PhD, Economics, Environment and Ecology

  • Professor Steven M. Newman PhD,  Environmental Business, Climate Change and Agro-Forestry

  • Natalie Topa, Permaculture




  • Gregory John Cullen, Seeds and Orchards

  • Edward "Ted" Capron Winston, Tropical Horticulture (Mango, Coffee)



  • Trevor Gibson, Livestock Extension

  • Justen O. Smith, Livestock and Extension

  • Dr. Gerald Turnbull, Livestock Management

  • Geoff Walker, Livestock and Dairy Management

FoodWorks' Senior Associates have as minimum qualifications and experience:


  • Fifteen years relevant professional experience  

  • Masters Degree or Doctorate in a relevant or related discipline. 

  • Older professionals may have a first degree, diploma or a professional certificate

  • Ability to write formal reports in excellent English, and to communicate easily

  • Experience in any of Asia-Pacific,  Africa, and the Middle East 

  • They are known to FoodWorks personally through work experience                                              

Note: the senior experts appearing on this list are independent specialists and consultants individually known to FoodWorks' Partners. They form an important part of the Company's extensive network of professional associates and have agreed to be described as "Senior Associates". They may market their services using the "FoodWorks" brand and may refer to this web site. However, they have no management responsibility or liability for FoodWorks activities except those in which they are directly involved by contract. 





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