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Africa and the  Middle East

We illustrate our wide capabilities by our most recent projects. A full project list may be provided on request

2016 – UAE and Zambia - Bio-Energy Investment Study - GSG in partnership with VayuGrid and Better World Energy Ltd. Feasibility for bio-fuel (diesel) production from a plantation of Pongamia Pinnata.  FoodWorks’ Chief Managing Partner, Geoff Quartermaine Bastin and Eddie Vernon, Managing Partner Agriculture, reviewed previous studies and prepared a technical and financial overview of the investment which is piloted in Zambia but can adopted elsewhere. The study found that an integrated plantation and processing unit of 2,000 planted hectares together with an oil expeller and transesterification refinery would produce annually 11,000 tons of bio-diesel at full production valued at US$8.74 million and provide a 20% rate of return to the investor. The estimated investment cost would be a total US$13 million.


Key disciplines: Oilseeds, Oils and Fats Technology; Tree Crops; Bio-energy; Economics; Financial Analysis

2016 – Saudi Arabia - Strategic Development for TADCO Farm.  A 35,000 hectare farm near Tabuk growing alfalfa, potato and wheat under centre pivot irrigation together with other field and tree crops. Changes in the subsidy regime for wheat mean that the farm has to consider restructuring and changing its farming system. The work, undertaken with ShiftIN Partners of Abu Dhabi, involved a retreat in Dubai to review the situation faced by TADCO. This was followed by development of a comprehensive Farm Plan that included every aspect of the Farm including orchards (stone fruit), vineyards and field crops (especially potato, onnion and alfalfa). Recommendations are made for the continuing use of pivot irrigation, changes in cultivation techniques, market operations (including temperature management) and investment in intensive, high-value crops in greenhouses.


Key disciplines: Agribusiness; Farm Management; Economics; Marketing; Strategic Planning

2016 – Tanzania - Alfalfa Investment Site Appraisal – Bloom Consulting Ltd. – we investigated alfalfa production in the Rufiji River Valley. The proposed private investment concerned an immediate cultivable area for alfalfa of 5,500 hectares that could be expanded by a further area if local communities were engaged (as planned) on a contract-farming basis. The aim of the proposed project is to grow alfalfa for export to the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) as animal feed. The team considered the production requirements and the international market for alfalfa within the overall requirement for world usage of animal feed.


Key disciplines: Agriculture; Agribusiness; Economics; Marketing

2012- 2015 - Comprehensive Agricultural Development Master Plan of the Republic of South Sudan. Funded by JICA and undertaken in partnership with IDRC and JIN Corporation of Japan, FoodWorks' Fisheries and Livestock Team (Robert Lindley, Dr.Jerry Turnbull and Justen Smith) in cooperation with the Task Team made extensive field visits, reviewed policies, analysed conditions of the fisheries and livestock sectors, undertook discussions on possible development strategies, prepared sector  and sub-project reports and participated in workshops. After the outbreak of civil war in South Sudan, the Team continued its work from Entebbe in Uganda before returning to South Sudan for the final wrap up work and documentation. 


Key disciplines: Fishery; Livestock; Agriculture; Sector Planning

2012 - Somaliland - Alfalfa Development Feasibility Study – CADG International Ltd. Investigation and assessment of Somaliland to grow, process and export alfalfa as animal feed to the Gulf States. Full field assessment of production and farming systems. Investigation of water and soil. Transport to Berbera International port and briefing (including PowerPoint presentation) to the investor.


Key disciplines: Agriculture; Animal Feed; Finance; Planning; Logistics; Marketing

2012 - Somaliland - Feasibility and Design of Fishery and Horticulture Commercial Agribusiness Investment Project - CADG International Ltd. Comprehensive technical and commercial value chain assessment of the coastal/artisanal fishery around Berbera together with the agriculture and horticulture sector north of Hargeisa. Feasibility of (a) exporting fish and high value vegetables/fruits by air to the UAE, and (b) a commercial temperature management system (cool chain) and ice-making factory for domestic use. In follow-up work the team designed an integrated project that provided for year-round high quality fish supplies to Hargeisa and the export of horticulture products and meat to Dubai. FoodWorks' Senior Managing Partner and Fishery Specialist, Robert Lindley, surveyed fishing boats and equipment and the species and quality of fish available on the market together with the transport and ice-making/cold store facilities.  Geoffrey Quatermaine Bastin made a similar assessment of small-scale farming and livestock processing. 


Key disciplines: Fishery; Livestock; Temperature Management; Investment Planning

2011 - Iraq - USAID "Inma” Agribusiness Project,  with Agland Investments Inc. and Louis Berger Group (LBG). Feasibility study for a fruit juice factory development.. Undertook engineering specification of the processing line, value chain analysis of fresh fruit supply and overall market demand together with financial/economic feasibility of the proposed


Key disciplines: Agribusiness; Food Systems Engineering; Finance; Economics; Marketing

2010-‘11 – Agricultural Infrastructure Assessment and Value Chain Analysis.  A series of missions and studies for a major USAID contractor undertaken in Tanzania, Kenya and South Sudan. In the first two countries the work focused principally on consideration of the general agricultural sector country-wide, although the work in Tanzania included assessment of a rural road rehabilitation project. In South Sudan the mission visited the Equatorial Zone, the report covered assessment of rural infrastructure (e.g., farm-to-market roads, grain storage, staple foods, high value horticulture and related infrastructure. The team also visited the area around Arusha in Tanzania to investigate linkages for the supply of fruits and vegetables to the north.


Key disciplines: Engineering (roads and rural infrastructure), Economics; Value Chain Analysis; Agriculture; Rural Development.

2010 - Yemen - USAID Community Development Project. Prepared a comprehensive case study of a strategically important upland rural area in Abyan Governorate. The small settlements in the area are located in a marginal, poverty stricken area where youth migrate to the townships of Ja’ar and Zanjibar; they become prime targets for armed opposition groups. Proposed a rapid outreach stabilization programme and a roll-out of various ‘Quick Start’ interventions at community level aimed at ameliorating disease, food insecurity and creating jobs incluing labor-intensive rehabilitation of community infrastructure, especially water supply.


Key disciplines: Stabilization; Rural Development; Community-based Project Planning

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